Lacunza Stoves – Spanish quality

Lacunza Stoves is a benchmark Spanish firm and one of the leading names in the wood-burning stove market.

Lacunza designs, manufactures and markets products with a clear focus on innovation and customer service, using advanced technologies in the design and manufacture in its entire range of stoves. Lacunza Stoves

An emphasis on lifestyle

Lancunza  recognises that attitudes to stoves have changed quite markedly in just a few years. Today, consumers are not just looking for functionality; aesthetics are becoming increasingly important to discerning buyers.

A beautiful looking stove is now a lifestyle choice, so appearance is an increasingly important factor for both design and manufacture.

Produced entirely at the company’s state-of-the-art facilities in Spain, Lancunza stoves are built from components of the highest quality – as becomes evident to anyone who touches them.

Many of these stoves feature heavy, cast iron doors, frames and solid and easy to grab handles on both doors – a great combination of functionality and beauty.

A range to suit almost any taste

Lacunza fireplace stoves, made of cast iron or special steel, can be installed where an old fireplace stove used to be or fitted and cased to suit your taste.

Our customers always appreciate the opportunity to come in and browse the large range of products in our showroom. Do you want a clean, modern look? Or do you prefer a rustic, traditional kind of stove?

So by all means, bear this brand name in mind when you come into the store – a Lacunza product may well be the right one for you home. But as with quite a few of our customers, your ideas may change as you get to know the vast range of options we have for you.

Before you come into the store, think about your current home heating. How efficient is it – in terms of quality of heating and cost?

Once you gauge these things with a reasonable degree of accuracy, we can set about delivering a solution that delivers considerable improvements in both of these areas.

I look forward to welcoming you soon!


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