Kalor Wood Pellet Stoves

EcoHome Solutions are delighted to introduce their new range of Italian manufactured Kalor Wood Pellet Stoves .

Kalor are one of the world’s leading producers of wood pellet stoves and offer the most efficient stoves on the market. As well as being the most efficient, Kalor pride themselves on product reliability and on offering a huge range of products and types of stoves. 

Kalor wood pellet stoves come from the Venetian province of Northern Italy and have been at the forefront of this sector for many years. Kalor have worked hard to develop the most efficient wood pellet stoves on the market and are hugely proud of this achievement. All Kalor stoves are independently tested and certified by TUV Rheinland, a German testing company.



Kalor Air Stoves - Heat to Single Room

A wood pellet Air Stove can be used to heat a single room of almost any size and can also distribute heat to adjoining rooms quite effectively by means of its built-in fan. The fan creates ciculation of air and leaving doors open will allow this warm air to distribute throughout the house. 

Rapidly increasing in popularity, wood pellet stoves are quickly taking the place of wood stoves and multi-fuel stove. They are very effective heating appliances are ideal for home owners who need something convenient, efficient and easy to use.

Kalor wood pellet stoves offer the highest efficiencies on the market and offer a huge range of options in terms of power, colours and design. 

 Kalor Air Stoves are offered in Traditional models, Insert models and Slimline models

Kalor Air Stove

Kalor Boiler Stoves - Heats Water & Radiators

A Kalor Wood Pellet Boiler Stove can be installed to provide all your central heating requirements via its integrated back boiler or can be designed to make a contribution to your existing central heating system, the choice is yours.

With efficiencies of up to 97%, Kalor Wood Pellet Boiler Stoves are the most efficient on the market. They also offer a visible flame and a portion of heat to the room in the normal way.

Kalor Wood Pellet Boiler Stoves are offered in Traditional and Slimline models.

Kalor Boiler Stove

Kalor Ductable Air Stoves - Share Heat with Another Room

.Kalor offer an impressive range of Ductable Wood Pellet Air Stoves in a range of styles which offer a unique method of heat distribution without the requirement for pipes or radiators.

Heat is simply moved through a duct using the stove’s integrated fan, to a room or rooms above or adjacent to the stove itself. Kalor Ductable Wood Pellet Air Stoves are the most efficient in class, offering efficiencies of up to 98%.

 Kalor ductable air stoves offer either 1 or 2 rear duct exits to distribute heat to 1 or more rooms, within ca. 4 – 8m of the stove itself.

 The ductable feature is fully controllable, giving the user the choice of where the heat is distributed and is adjusted with a either simple manual lever on the front of the stove or electronically via the control panel or remote control (depends on model).

 Kalor Ductable Wood Pellet Air Stoves are offered in Traditional and Slimline styles and in a range of sizes/outputs.

Kalor Ductable Stove